Staropramen aka Allen Rouse

The former "Allen T" had worked for the Jewish Defense League, and only became a "Neo-Nazi" after he became angry with his fellow Jews. After many years at Stormfront he had played the part long enough to earn a reputation as a valid "anti-semite" and win the favour of Christian Identists to the point where he could infiltrate the Christogenea forum.

Now, after a few years of LARPing at Christogenea, he has finally found the opportunity which he sought and has created a division in the group there. So he is going back to his true role as Jewish infiltrator and subverter of just causes. Beware of Staropramen, aka Allen Rouse, who is a crypto-Jew pretending to be a Christian only because he got mad with his fellow Jews.

Below: Allen Rouse Jr.

Allen T deeply involved in neo Nazi StørmFrønt.png1.09 MB
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