Joseph November aka Eli James

Note: The clown who runs the "Arcodeaus University" channel on Youtube is going to end up with an article here at Zogbots, if he does not retract and apologize for his slander of William Finck. - noted May 1st, 2022

Meet the fictional character, Eli James,  who's attempting to pervert "Christian Identity" into "Catholic Identity", and invite all comers!

This says it all. What more needs to be said? What is Joseph Novenber trying to hide? The following pages, all public records (and none of them are on this website, but rather exist on public sources) prove that "Eli James" does not even exist. Rather, "Eli James Publishing" is a business registered in Illinois by one "Joseph P. November". Therefore Joseph November must be the real person behind Eli James Publishing. It would, of course, be unlawful to register a business with a fictitious name.

Eli James The Chameleon

Eli bought this. He should stop writing letters slandering people behind their backs.

Happy Father's Day, Buddha Brucie!!!

Happy Father's Day, Buddha Brucie!!!

From your ex-wife, Delia Petilo, and your loving half-breed mamzer children Catharine and Bruce (Brucie Junior) Petilo Gorman

Joe November the Rock Star Wannabe

Nibiru, Crop Circles and Eli James

Should a supposed "Christian Identity Pastor" talk about prophecy from the perspective of a New Age freak, putting such trash as the "Fifth Mayan Prophecy" before the words of Jesus Christ? And how many false prophecies of doom & gloom should one be allowed to spout, before being totally discredited?

November Name Data

Forget the beef, Where's the Christians?

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Robert Bruce Gorman - Buddha Brucie

For nearly four years Bruce Gorman hung out on Bill Finck's Christogenea Chat server, and partook in many of Bill's Open Forum sessions. For all those years, Gorman pretended to be the repentant race-mixer.

Bill's pictures have always been posted publicly, and now that Bill is once again censuring the race-mixers, suddenly Bruce has a problem. The truth is that he was lying, and he never really was repentant after all.

Below, left to right, Finck, Gorman and Durrence in July, 2012

The truth is, that for 20 years Bruce was sleeping with a filipino and multiplying with the beast.

Now he loves and dotes upon his squat-monster brood, as he preaches Christian Identity to his little slant-eyed tards, while both Screwey Dewey Tucker and Eli James give him approbation!

Eli James, we have heard, has promised to grant Brucie's Manilla-half-vanilla shitlings full absolution. Screwey Dewey is scheduled to perform the baptism in a vat of White paint.

Somehow we do not think it will stick.


Buddha Brucie, proud father of What???

Buddha Brucie's ex-wife, Delia Petilo (Gorman), and his loving mamzer children Catharine and Bruce (Brucie Junior) Petilo Gorman
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Bruce Gorman's Hypocrisy115.47 KB

Three Stooges on Marriage

aka Eli, Jeff Leftover and mouthypatricia chase each others' tails.

Walk With the Animals ...

Eli recently went on a BlogTalk Radio program to argue Christian Identity with negroes. Here is his announcement from his email of May 8th, 2011:

"Upcoming Special Shows
Monday, May 9
On-Air Discussion on Talk Show Hosted by Blacks,
Topic: "Are Balcks [ sic] Oppressed by Whites?"
I will represent the negative response."

Here is Eli's appearance, attempting to explain the Gospel to the Beasts:

So we offer this in commemoration of his folly: