The So-Called "Pastor", Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt

lindstedt01This Zogbot ass-clown, who spent over 3 years in a Missouri state nuthouse as an "alleged" pedophile (hey, it is the show-me state), was only released so that he could infiltrate the Christian Identity movement and pollute it.

Zogbot Linstedt calls himself "Pastor" Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky (best pronounced dirt-jinsky) Lindstedt, where it is apparent that he shares a name with the infamous Bolshevik leader and jewish murderer of Christians, Felix Dzerzhinsky, who is suspected to be a relationship of the part-jewish Linstedt.

Lindstedt calls himself a pastor, or sometimes a bishop, but it has  never been determined  whether he has any actual credentials. He openly admits to knowing little about the Bible, so his actual religion is also yet to be determined. He seems to know much more about Talmudic Judaism than he does about Christianity. Since infiltrating the Christian Identity movement, Lindstedt has not produced one shred of work worthy of a Christian pastor of any sort, so his claim to be a pastor is readily suspected by many, yet he continues to convince a few of his legitimacy.

lindstedt03 Rather than produce anything of actual scholarly merit, Lindstedt spends nearly all of his time slandering and blaspheming everyone else in the Christian Identity movement, no matter their political positions or allegiances. It is obvious that while claiming to be a Christian Identity pastor, he is really only trying to destroy Christian Identity. This is an age-old jewish tactic. However fortunately, Lindstedt's rambling diatribes, his constant gossip, and his propensity for lying have not earned him much of an audience. Most of the readers and posters on his forum are his own aliases, a sign of a truly sick individual.

felixdzerzhinsky01 Lindstedt, claiming to be a Christian, has a strange and proud affection for his hero, Felix Dzerzhinsky, the Christian-murdering founder of the Cheka - the Bolshevik Secret Police. He has even claimed him as a relative, from whom he gets his second middle name. We can certainly observe that there is a strong familial resemblance.  Dzerzhinsky was responsible for the deaths of perhaps millions of Christians during the early years of the Soviet regime. It is fully evident that Lindstedt desires to repeat the deeds of his hero. 

One of Lindstedt's philosophies is what he calls his "Ten Thousand Warlords" program. It sounds very much as if he is promoting a new Bolshevik Revolution, with himself playing the part of a new Felix Dzerzhinsky. None of this scenario comes from the Bible. Fortunately, however, it is evident that Lindstedt could not raise an army which would consist of much more than a few welfare recipients and some fellow trailer-park denizens.

With his so-called "Movement Turd" program on Talkshoe, Lindstedt has become something of a cross between the foul-mouthed jew Lenny Bruce and the Gossip Whore jewess Rona Barrett, where he offers nothing more than lies, curses and blasphemies. When he has none of those, he bursts into song and dance as if imitating some sick jewish vaudeville act. All of this is from a script that sounds like it was written by the ADL, or at least by Jerry Springer. Uncle Felix would approve.

The Lindstedt Family - Leaders of 10,000 Warlords?



Not quite as comfortable as the local trailer park.


Lindstedt must be eating well on the Zogbot payroll. He should spend some of his money on a suit rather than on Twinkies. Martin, who buys all those Twinkies, anyway? Abe Foxman?

Happy Hannukah

Courtesy of N.I.M. Busters