Zogbots on Facebook

Amber Clausson

On Facebook, Google+ and elsewhere, Amber Clausson professes to be an Odinist and a racist. Here we see her in a Santa cap celebrating Christmas. But we also see her with a jewess mestizo, and again with a negress.


The truth is that Amber does not exist. Amber is really a sock-puppet for the LGBT activist Seanna Fenner. Another fake profile which Seanna Fenner has created using Amber's pictures is this one here at MySpace: https://myspace.com/cowgirllakota5672 Notice there are no pictures of Amber (or Lakota) with men on this account.

Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg

Seana Elizabeth Fenner von Fenneberg is an Antifa and LGBT activist and heathen pretender who frequently uses sock-puppets in order to attack true White Nationalists and those who stand against sexual deviancy.

Seana wrote a pseudo-academic New-Age book on a subject called "archaeoastronomy", however she cannot get it published and cannot sell it to anyone, so she spends her days nosing around on Facebook and agitating productive people.

One method by which Seanna trolls is by creating phony profiles from pictures of some of her fantasy lovers. She then uses these to conduct conversations with herself in various forums, and especially on Facebook. Her favorite is Amber Clausson, aka Lakota Montelli.




Seana, who is of partly Jewish ancestry, hates anti-Semites. Often posing as an anti-Semite herself, she goes about seeking to attack other anti-Semites and discredit them in the eyes of heathens and Christians alike. Seana is rumored to be operating on behalf of the Jewish Internet Defence Force, however this has not yet been ascertained.