About Zogbots

ZOGbots.org is here to expose the ZOGbots, mostly because we are sick of their filthy, sneaky ways. Beware of the Dogs, and the ZOGbots!


Zogbots is a satirical site that uses parody and allegory to portray fictional entities. Any resemblance between real people and the characters described on Zogbots, is a pure and intentional coincidence. If you are associated with or feel that any of the characters on Zogbots are similar to you, we suggest that you get a life, stop acting like a troll, and maybe one day after you are dead and buried we might delist you.

Here it is our intention to expose the zogbots by portaying their methods and motives and madness. If you still do not know what a zogbot is, you probably do not belong here, since the zogbots either possess your soul or you live on Mars.

If you recognize a zogbot, beware: you may be accused of having "Oppositional Defiant Disorder", the ADL's new way of silencing political opposition. Or maybe "Seasonal Affective Disorder", a term certain whores love to throw at people who don't walk the streets enough in winter.

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