Clifton Emahiser on Sonny Eanes

The following account is from William Finck's Facebook account. We have taken the liberty of posting it here because Facebook removed it for violating their "Community Standards". (((Oy Vey Sonny Eanes))).




Clifton Emahiser often made notes to remind himself of things he wanted to do, or things he wanted me to do or to talk to him about. When he was hospitalized this past June, I found this stick-it note in the inside cover of his copy of my Romans book. The hand-writing is faint but it certainly can be read. [Click here or click the image to enlarge.]

Below each line I have put my interpretation of his notes in brackets.

On the left side it says:

Fix 1 computer

[Clifton could not get one of his PCs to boot.]

Sonny's website

[Clifton wanted to know where Sonny had a website, since he claimed to have an online ministry.]

Gave phone to mother

[one of his portable phones, perhaps he thought he was done with it, or the battery died.]

Have doubts about Sonny ever helping anything (List of duties)

[Perhaps Clifton was wondering if Sonny was supposed to help out, but Sonny never had any duties around the house.]

Radio on

[Noise from Sonny's room may have been bothering Clifton, since he played Youtubes quite loud, and often played loud music when I was not home.]

Supply & Cook

[I do not know what this is. Sonny does not cook at all, and he was certainly in no position to supply anything, so it is probably not a reference to him.]

Bob in California or Philadelphia [Clifton meant to ask about a friend of mine, whom he also knew.]

On the right side it says:


[about Sonny]

Gives CI a black eye

[in reference to Sonny]


[in reference to Sonny]

Old Glasses

[I do not know what this is about, Clifton was happy with his own glasses, and had several pairs. Maybe Sonny spoke to Clifton about his own glasses?]

I can summarize Clifton's thoughts about Sonny, but I tried to get him to get along with him, or at least tolerate him, which he began to do after a couple of months.

Here is my summary, which is also evident from the notes above:

Clifton thought that since Sonny did no original research, had no original writing, never accumulated research materials, had no job or aspirations to get a job, and only copied from what we had done, that he was a freeloader who would eventually be a disgrace or an embarrassment to our cause.

Clifton's concerns never went away. If Clifton knew that Sonny sought tithes from people for sharing our work, I am certain he would have been quite angry.

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