James (McManus) Mazzone Justifying Fornication

We have yet to write about James Mazzone, who also often goes by the name James McManus, as he certainly deserves to be included here on Zogbots.

In the meantime, just keep your daughter away from this sick creep. He creates for himself the image of some great Aryan leader and then he uses that image to bully people and to seduce girls as young as 15 years old, as it has been reported to us by certain of their parents.

For now, here we will publish two short audio clips from a conversation between Charlie Bryant and Mazzone. In the first clip, Mazzone is justifying fornication and making the blatantly false claim that former Aryan Nations leader and pastor Richard Butler had ordered him to marry outside of his race and faith:


In the first recording above, Mazzone makes the claim that his first wife was German. Pictured at left is that wife, Alexandra Mazzone-McGowan, who is apparently of South American descent, and who was born in Mazzone's home town of Cliffside Park, New Jersey. If she is German, then Adolf Hitler must have been an eskimo.

In the second clip, Mazzone begins threatening Bryant. We have witnessed Mazzone's propensitry to make such threats in the past. As soon as he encounters someone who will not kiss his ass he claims to have secret knowledge to use against them, in order to make them submit to his desires, and if that does not work, he threatens them in the same manner one may hear from Don Corleone in a Hollywood movie, sounding just like a two-bit Brooklyn meatball:


Below are links to screenshots of James McManus' and James Mazzone's Facebook friends lists, from two of his many Facebook accounts. There it is evident that the man has a propensity for befriending both bimbos and beasts, and especially bimbos which are beasts. His tendency towards race-mixing is obviously inherent, and he only pretends to be an Aryan Nations leader because he has an underlying agenda.

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