Andrew Wilson - The Cuck of the Irish

This man is so butthurt since he lost an argument on Facebook to a woman, that he has turned himself into a woman because he cannot exact retribution. In our opinion, that makes Andrew Wilson a bigger feminist than any woman.

He is completely obsessed and rants up and down about this particular woman every chance he gets. His insane rantings have cost him his relationship with several good friends, because he just can't seem to let it go.

Andrew claimed to be a follower of Christogenea, the Christian Identity website. But he could not get William Finck to excommunicate this woman, whose only "crime" was making Andrew look stupid through some simple citations of Scripture and a few innocent questions. So Andrew turned on Finck, who refused to be his pope, and joined with his enemies in a campaign of slander and vitriol.

Of course, Andrew is not brave enough to spread slander under his own name, so he created sock-puppet accounts under the names of John Joe Mac Tabish and Stephen Wills. Hiding behind these he whines like a baby and sobs constantly about how unfair it is to be a jilted bitch.

So Andrew betrayed his own ideology, if he ever believed it in the first place, and has run off into the hands of would-be Kabbalists and Soothsayers, simply because he could not get his friends to ostracize the woman who convicted him of his own stupidity. 

Andrew owns a farm in Northern Ireland, which he inherited. But he only leases it to others because he himself would rather sit on Facebook all day than actually do any work.

If he weren't The Cuck of the Irish, he might have a chance to be the Dairy Queen, but then he would actually have to milk a cow rather than merely having a cow.

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