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ZOGbots are pretenders and liars who cling to a movement, group or philosophy that they really do not believe in, but which they want to infiltrate, upset, subvert and pervert. Often, but not always, ZOGbots work for a government or a political group, such as the United States Government's Operation COINTELPRO or for the ADL or JIDF, and are employed for the specific purpose of infiltrating political and religious groups which belong to opposition parties, with the express intent of subverting the purpose of those groups.

The usual method of ZOGbots is first to identify productive members of a group, and cling to them. Once they gain their trust, they will work to hinder them and distract them into fruitless endeavors. This is all done through very creative psychological maneuvers. One of the most obvious things to watch out for is flattery.

Once the ZOGbot is discovered, or at least shunned, by his target host, the ZOGbot turns rabid. Like a parasite gone wild, the ZOGbot starts attacking the host. They are experts at setting up strawman arguments, and they do not stop at lies. They put words in one's mouth that one never said, and then they create arguments against him as if he said them, sharing the arguments with others in an attempt to discredit him. This is the typical pattern of behaviour seen in many of the ZOGbots that will be featured on this site.

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Sonny Eanes Admits to Being a Sephardic Jew

The headline is not quite accurate, but it is indirectly true, and it is fitting. What Sonny Eanes really admitted to is being a descendant of Edward Eanes, who came to Virginia in the early 18th century.

It may be possible, as some sources suggest but do not document, that the name Eanes could be of French origin. But it is historically verifiable that Edward Eanes was a Sephardic Jew, of a family of Jews which had fled persecution in Portugal and moved to Wales.

Now Sonny Eanes has often claimed his name is of French origin, and that he is not a Jew. However on the other hand, Sonny has also admitted that he descended from this particular Edward Eanes, who is verifiably a Jew. Here is one instance of Sonny's admission, from his own Facebook page, posted in October of 2017:


Here is a Wikitree page where Sonny's cousins, by his own admission, discuss their family history, and it is fully evident that Edward Eanes was a marrano Jew: Wikitree Edward Eanes (1700 - 1757)

There is also a Google Discussion discussion on the Sephardic Jewish origin of the Eanes surname, as well as a notice on Ancestry.com message boards. A website for the Canary Islands boasts that Eanes was one of the most common names there at one time, and that it is of Sephardic Jewish origin. There is also a Wordpress site specifically created for Eanes Family History

The Eanes name shows up on a list of Portuguese surnames in Lisbon in 1565, and it is stated to be "From Johão", the Portuguese equivalent of the English John. That is because Eanes is a variation of Yanez, the Jewish version of John in Portugal, as some of these other sources have stated. This list betrays Sonny's claim that Eanes is French, as the name has a definite etymology from Portuguese Jews.The name Eanes is also an example of Portuguese names on a related article at Wikivisually, and it is explained at Rudahr.com that it comes from Yanez, which other sources state is the Portuguese Jewish spelling of the English name John. This is also verified at Wikizero, in an artile on Patronyms, and a similar article at the full wiki.

Moses Cohen Henriques Eanes was a Sephardic Jewish pirate. Sonny's behavior follows his predecessor quite closely, but Sonny is nowhere as adventurous. Sonny bragged about his family's musical tradition. Bluegrass musician Jim Eanes was also said to be a Sephardic Jew in his Wikipedia biography, and was a descendant of Edward Eanes.

In all of these places, which provide documentation for the Sephardic Jewish origin of the Eanes name, and specifically of Edward Eanes, members of the Eanes family who engage in the discussions are all proud of their Sephardic Jewish heritage. Sonny himself has admitted to being their cousin.

We cannot find credible information or a credible etymology for a non-Jewish Eanes family or Eanes surname. It is only claimed that it could be French, but never demonstrated how it could be French except by a few vague similarities with French words that are unconvincing.

See the list of exclusively Sephardic surnames here on the Anthroscape page at Tapatalk.

Norman "Sonny" Eanes is a Sephardic Marrano Jew.


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Clifton Emahiser on Sonny Eanes

The following account is from William Finck's Facebook account. We have taken the liberty of posting it here because Facebook removed it for violating their "Community Standards". (((Oy Vey Sonny Eanes))).




Clifton Emahiser often made notes to remind himself of things he wanted to do, or things he wanted me to do or to talk to him about. When he was hospitalized this past June, I found this stick-it note in the inside cover of his copy of my Romans book. The hand-writing is faint but it certainly can be read. [Click here or click the image to enlarge.]

Below each line I have put my interpretation of his notes in brackets.

On the left side it says:

Fix 1 computer

[Clifton could not get one of his PCs to boot.]

Sonny's website

[Clifton wanted to know where Sonny had a website, since he claimed to have an online ministry.]

Gave phone to mother

[one of his portable phones, perhaps he thought he was done with it, or the battery died.]

Have doubts about Sonny ever helping anything (List of duties)

[Perhaps Clifton was wondering if Sonny was supposed to help out, but Sonny never had any duties around the house.]

Radio on

[Noise from Sonny's room may have been bothering Clifton, since he played Youtubes quite loud, and often played loud music when I was not home.]

Supply & Cook

[I do not know what this is. Sonny does not cook at all, and he was certainly in no position to supply anything, so it is probably not a reference to him.]

Bob in California or Philadelphia [Clifton meant to ask about a friend of mine, whom he also knew.]

On the right side it says:


[about Sonny]

Gives CI a black eye

[in reference to Sonny]


[in reference to Sonny]

Old Glasses

[I do not know what this is about, Clifton was happy with his own glasses, and had several pairs. Maybe Sonny spoke to Clifton about his own glasses?]

I can summarize Clifton's thoughts about Sonny, but I tried to get him to get along with him, or at least tolerate him, which he began to do after a couple of months.

Here is my summary, which is also evident from the notes above:

Clifton thought that since Sonny did no original research, had no original writing, never accumulated research materials, had no job or aspirations to get a job, and only copied from what we had done, that he was a freeloader who would eventually be a disgrace or an embarrassment to our cause.

Clifton's concerns never went away. If Clifton knew that Sonny sought tithes from people for sharing our work, I am certain he would have been quite angry.
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Staropramen aka Allen Rouse

The former "Allen T" had worked for the Jewish Defense League, and only became a "Neo-Nazi" after he became angry with his fellow Jews. After many years at Stormfront he had played the part long enough to earn a reputation as a valid "anti-semite" and win the favour of Christian Identists to the point where he could infiltrate the Christogenea forum.

Now, after a few years of LARPing at Christogenea, he has finally found the opportunity which he sought and has created a division in the group there. So he is going back to his true role as Jewish infiltrator and subverter of just causes. Beware of Staropramen, aka Allen Rouse, who is a crypto-Jew pretending to be a Christian only because he got mad with his fellow Jews.

Lately, Allen has been trying to undermine Christian Identity even more, promoting Prosperity Gospel teacher Michael Brandenburg, who sometimes calls himself Arthur Lee, who recently started a website called "identity faith". Brandenburg  mixes influences from Finck and Comparet with Napoleon Hill and the tattooed dyslexic "Brother Ryan" hoping to become some sort of CI Joel Osteen.  

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Scott Roberts' Muslim Connection

How could a man who has a mixed race wife and still lives with his mixed-race children be a true "White Nationalist"? Well, that's another story entirely, although it also describes Scott Roberts....

But how could a man who has had an Arab Muslim Sugar Daddy for many years, who has enabled him to support those half-breed kids, be a true "White Nationalist"?

Scott Roberts has been in bed with non-Whites all his life, both literally and figuratively, and admits it here as well. He is no true White Nationalist, and he never will be.
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Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy Chimpout

The "Mikey" guy didn't want to be recorded, but evidently Sinead recorded this anyway? She and Khunt really show their true selves here - a couple of psychopathic shills they are!

Future additions to Zogbots

Robert Dale Bradshaw

Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy

Just three short years ago, Kyle Hunt was selling something called the "Rainbow Alphabet" on a left-wing New-Age "Cosmic Gnostic" internet radio program. While Hunt, or, more appropriately, Khunt, has withdrawn the podcasts from public view, vestiges of his appearances are found on the Star Theory and Sync Book web pages.

In fact, on the Life is an Art blog the "Rainbow Alphabet" episode was posted under the "Jewish Mysticism" category, where we would also agree that Khunt belongs. (screenshot) So three years ago he was promoting things Jewish, and now he is hating on Christians. Go figure.

Cosmic Gnostic Kyle Hunt from Renegade TribuneFurthermore, where we found another announcement of Khunt's "Rainbow Alphabet at visionconsciousness.org a link to Kyle's related Cosmic Gnostic Radio page redirected us to a Neo-Vikings radio Page! You can try it yourself: http://cosmicgnostic.com/radio. When we did, it brought us here: http://www.neovikings.com/radio So it seems like Kyle may have brought some of his formerly Cosmic Gnostic Jewish Mystics along with him into Neo-Pagan circles, so he can hate on Christians from a whole new angle.

UPDATE: As soon as we published this article, both of the aforementioned website addresses were redirected once again, this time to something called "Alt Right Press". Evidently Khunt is attempting to transmogrify himself into something different once again.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Checking this article in late July, 2016, both of the aforementioned website addresses were redirected yet again, this time to something called "As the World Burns". Kyle and his mudsharking wife should probably jump off now.

A THIRD UPDATE: This moron cannot make up his mind. Now in mid-September 2016 Cosmis Gnostic is back, on a blnk MCS site where nothing is yet posted, the neo-Viking site is gone, and so is "As the World Burns". Wow, what a turkey.

But the resurrected Philo Judaeus turned Hagar the Horrible never was a hit, so he remade himself into a "White Nationalist" and invented Renegade Radio (more appropriately Renegay).

In the meantime, he hooked up with a mud-shark named Sinead McCarthy (more appropriately Sin-aid), pictured below.

This Sin-aid creature, who is rumored to be "Mrs. Hunt", was not only a mudshark, she was a serial mudshark. She was a failed singer who remade herself into what she called the "Shiksa Goddess", which was designed to patronize other simple-minded "White Nationalists" by singing childish ditties made from recognizable tunes that were ripped off from current pop musicians.

While her Shiksa Goddess channel on Youtube has evidently been taken down, Sin-aid, the wannabe White Nationalist icon, is seen here on a Youtube channel she controls, and which is still active, in her more comfortable mudsharking surroundings. She must still be attached to this video, since it is still posted on her Youtube account in mid-May (now July) of 2016:

So while Kyle Hunt was selling the "Rainbow Alphabet", his presumed wife was doing some "rainbows" of her own. Below there is yet another picture of Sin-aid elbow-to-elbow with a negro. If any White Nationalist is a Cuck (more appropriately Khuck), it must be Khunt himself:

Axe of Perun from Renegade TribuneIn addition to Sin-aid, the Cosmic Khunt has another bed-partner, who calls himself the "Axe of Perun". We are not entirely certain that our intelligence is trustworthy, but we think that this aspiring pagan idol who writes so many of Cosmic Khunt's articles is pictured in the image to the right.

But in any event, how many times are White Nationalists going to be fooled? Sinead McCarthy gets the attention of a few fools making unoriginal videos featuring uncreative twists on mundane lyrics, and the next thing you know she is bashing every other White Nationalist on the internet. All while she herself had only recently been filling the role of a real shiksa goddess to an entire collection of negros. Can Cosmic Khunt ever wipe the nigger out of his mouth?

Now he has an anonymous troll who sits around collecting Jewish quotes that bash Christianity, while claiming to hate the Jews. Sounds a lot like Frank Collins to us, with a dash of Abe Foxman thrown in for extra flavor.

Axe of Perun is exactly the sort of character Hitler was writing about in Mein Kampf where he said the following: "On the contrary, it is entirely out of harmony with the spirit of the nation to keep harping on that far-off and forgotten nomenclature which belongs to the ancient Germanic times and does not awaken any distinct association in our age. This habit of borrowing words from the dead past tends to mislead the people into thinking that the external trappings of its vocabulary are the important feature of a movement. It is really a mischievous habit; but it is quite prevalent nowadays. At that time, and subsequently, I had to warn followers repeatedly against these wandering scholars who were peddling Germanic folk-lore and who never accomplished anything positive or practical, except to cultivate their own superabundant self-conceit.... Nobody of common sense would appoint to a leading post in such a movement some Teutonic Methuselah who had been ineffectively preaching some idea for a period of forty years, until himself and his idea had entered the stage of senile decay.... It is typical of such persons that they rant about ancient Teutonic heroes of the dim and distant ages, stone axes, battle spears and shields, whereas in reality they themselves are the woefullest poltroons imaginable. For those very same people who brandish Teutonic tin swords that have been fashioned carefully according to ancient models and wear padded bear-skins, with the horns of oxen mounted over their bearded faces, proclaim that all contemporary conflicts must be decided by the weapons of the mind alone. And thus they skedaddle when the first communist cudgel appears. Posterity will have little occasion to write a new epic on these heroic gladiators." Of course, "Axe of Perun" may be the Slavic version of such a clown, but he is still a clown.

As for Kyle Hunt, well, other sources have informed us that he likes negro men too, and he shares. Here is a sample:

When Kyle was criticized in the Renegade Chat Room for supporting Polyandry as that position being a) a feminist position b) a effeminate position for a male c) contrary to WN & Traditionalism, Kyle attacked those who criticized him as “prudes” and “anti-woman” and banned them.

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What Race Is Geronimo Visser?

A Half-Cherokee Squat Monster
30% (140 votes)
A Dutch Jew
48% (228 votes)
Some Odd Mixture of Kenite and Squat Monster that Looks Kinda Pale
19% (90 votes)
A Misfigured Representative of some Unidentifiable Aryan Nation
3% (14 votes)
Total votes: 472

Jeromy "Geronimo" Visser

Is this a White man? So why is he playing at "Christian Identity Pastor"? In order to defile and discredit Christian Identity, that is why!

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John de Nugent is a racist?

Well, he claims to be a racist. He might just be a quack. We only have to wonder, a racist of what race?


What is Martin Lindstedt?

Martin Lindstedt - Fat Jew Slob
Christian Identity Pastor?
6% (79 votes)
Or Fat jew Slob?
94% (1313 votes)
Total votes: 1392

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