Mark Edwin Whiffen, non-White Infiltrator and Fat Slob

Meet Mark Edwin Whiffen, who often goes by names such as "Ed Whiff" or "Ed Whyff". Last year he moved near Panama City just to be near the people at Christogenea. They tolerated his fat ass until it was found out that Mark was not White, and he was only trying to infiltrate the group and cause divisions. Now he is slandering Christogenea whenever he gets a chance, using the worn-out techniques of Jewish projection.

Below are photos of Mark and his full-blooded brother, Brian Whiffen. While Ed looks like he could pass for being White, his brother, who is his full-blooded brother, is certainly not White. Ed is a bastard purposely spreading misinformation as he has a vendetta against Christian Identity. 

 Photos courtesy of the Christogenea Chat at various times.



Brian Whiffen may be found on Facebook and Twitter, and other Social Media.

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