On Sonny Eanes and Smoking

We are posting this at Zogbots as an attestation of Sonny Eanes' character from William Finck. While Zogbots is independently owned, managed and operated, we support all the work which is done at Christogenea.org. The following is from Finck's Facebook account, and the words are his:

Do any of Sonny's friends remember how he bragged about having quit smoking once he got to my house in Florida?

Well, he did brag. But did he ever tell y'all that he backslid and started again?

Yep, after hacking up black shit for two months after moving in with us, he did start again. But he tried to keep it hidden from us by sneaking around. Our camers caught him long before we did, and long before he was forced to admit it.

We all sin, but Heaven hates a hypocrite. Here is a video of Sonny smoking and pissing off my deck - which I asked him repeatedly NOT to do, but he never really cared - last July 31st.

Yeah, I got security cameras, LOL, and I saved a few of these for posterity.

Sonny-Smoking-2018-08-06.mp4449.17 KB

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