Hardy Lloyd: Great White Wannabe (Hardly, Hardy!)

A young Hardy Lloyd reflecting his intelligence and cool demeanor.

He killed his girlfriend, Lori Hann, in 2004. Chased her down and shot her in the head as she ran off defenseless from a car she was driving. Lloyd had been in the passenger seat. He later got off by convincing the jury that he shot her in self-defense, even though it was a matter of record that Hann left her own gun in the car. (See the Pittsburgh Gazette article: Man must face homicide trial Female acquaintance killed in Squirrel Hill) At that point, a Pittsburgh Gazette colunmnist named Dennis Roddy wroite a short piece on Lloyd, About Hardy Lloyd, where he portrays him as a perennial loser and vain attention-seeking clown. Just another tard who specializes in making life difficult for real White Nationalists.

Like the brave coward that he is, Lloyd later boasted about the killing, and taunted the victim's family. While we ourselves detest the SPLC, they along with Alternet and other outlets have reported on Lloyd's abhorrent behaviour. See, for instance, the article: Acquitted of Murder, Neo-Nazi Killer Taunts Victim's Family

Later, in 2009, Lloyd was arrested for a probation violation. The probation itself was connected to the weapons charge he was found guilty of as he was acquited for murder. In a May 2009 follow-up article, the White Reference blog, reporting on Lloyd's probation violation, revealed that Lloyd is not only unpopular with most other White Nationalists, but is even reviled in the lowest bowels of White Nationalism, at places such as the VNNForum and Stormfront. For the probation violation, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Lloyd received a sentence of 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison, once again being sentenced to far less time than he could have served.

Hardy Lloyd in 2016, with the thing that he calls his "fiancee".

Excerpts from Lloyd's own writing indicate that he flutters in the wind, from one claimed profession to another, but there is always one thing in common. Lloyd hates Christianity. He hates Christianity and spends much of his time on Facebook attacking Christians. Especially Identity Christians.

Yes, Hardy Lloyd is on Facebook. He attacks Christians with volleys of profanity, and then when they stand up to his stupidity, he edits or removes his own posts and then reports them to the Facebook police. That is his idea of leadership, which is to evade intellectual discussion, and hypocritically run to the ostensibly Jewish Facebook management, a function of the enemy which he claims to despise.

In the Post-Gazette article reporting Lloyd's sentence for the probation violation, we read that "Mr. Lloyd's therapist, Anthony Mastroianni, who has been treating him for 10 years, told the court Tuesday his patient has Asperger's syndrome. He believes Mr. Lloyd has made significant progress in his treatment over the past year and is now functioning at about the age level of a 10th-grader." After having one brief conversation with Lloyd on Facebook, we are surprised that he did not say "4th-grader".

On his Facebook page (click here for a screenshot), Hardy Lloyd declares himself a "Holy Prophet of the Aryan Race", claims to be a poet and to have studied at the "University of Satan". Of course, we believe that last claim is probably true. But we wonder how the great "Aryan" prophet justifies his engagement to a purple-haired feminist manatee.

We are not quite done with Hardy Lloyd, but this will suffice for now.


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