Joseph November aka Eli James

Note: The clown who runs the "Arcodeaus University" channel on Youtube is going to end up with an article here at Zogbots, if he does not retract and apologize for his slander of William Finck. - noted May 1st, 2022

Meet the fictional character, Eli James,  who's attempting to pervert "Christian Identity" into "Catholic Identity", and invite all comers!

This says it all. What more needs to be said? What is Joseph Novenber trying to hide? The following pages, all public records (and none of them are on this website, but rather exist on public sources) prove that "Eli James" does not even exist. Rather, "Eli James Publishing" is a business registered in Illinois by one "Joseph P. November". Therefore Joseph November must be the real person behind Eli James Publishing. It would, of course, be unlawful to register a business with a fictitious name.

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