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ZOGbots are pretenders and liars who cling to a movement, group or philosophy that they really do not believe in, but which they want to infiltrate, upset, subvert and pervert. Often, but not always, ZOGbots work for a government or a political group, such as the United States Government's Operation COINTELPRO or for the ADL or JIDF, and are employed for the specific purpose of infiltrating political and religious groups which belong to opposition parties, with the express intent of subverting the purpose of those groups.

The usual method of ZOGbots is first to identify productive members of a group, and cling to them. Once they gain their trust, they will work to hinder them and distract them into fruitless endeavors. This is all done through very creative psychological maneuvers. One of the most obvious things to watch out for is flattery.

Once the ZOGbot is discovered, or at least shunned, by his target host, the ZOGbot turns rabid. Like a parasite gone wild, the ZOGbot starts attacking the host. They are experts at setting up strawman arguments, and they do not stop at lies. They put words in one's mouth that one never said, and then they create arguments against him as if he said them, sharing the arguments with others in an attempt to discredit him. This is the typical pattern of behaviour seen in many of the ZOGbots that will be featured on this site.

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