Staropramen aka Allen Rouse

The former "Allen T" had worked for the Jewish Defense League, and only became a "Neo-Nazi" after he became angry with his fellow Jews. After many years at Stormfront he had played the part long enough to earn a reputation as a valid "anti-semite" and win the favour of Christian Identists to the point where he could infiltrate the Christogenea forum.

Now, after a few years of LARPing at Christogenea, he has finally found the opportunity which he sought and has created a division in the group there. So he is going back to his true role as Jewish infiltrator and subverter of just causes. Beware of Staropramen, aka Allen Rouse, who is a crypto-Jew pretending to be a Christian only because he got mad with his fellow Jews.

Lately, Allen has been trying to undermine Christian Identity even more, promoting Prosperity Gospel teacher Michael Brandenburg, who sometimes calls himself Arthur Lee, who recently started a website called "identity faith". Brandenburg  mixes influences from Finck and Comparet with Napoleon Hill and the tattooed dyslexic "Brother Ryan" hoping to become some sort of CI Joel Osteen.  

Below: Allen Rouse Jr.

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